What are the Advantages of a Solar Roof?

More than just savings—go solar with your roof to experience endless economic & environmental benefits suited to any lifestyle.


Solar power isn’t just saving homeowners dollars and cents, but the environment and community we live in.

Benefits for Your Budget

  • Lowers (or eliminates) your monthly electric bills
    Solar energy can help you dramatically lower your monthly electricity bill, and some who generate significant energy amounts may even be able to eliminate their monthly costs.
  • Improves cash flow with fixed payments
    Not only does it cost less over time than traditional electricity sources, but solar power also helps you save with fixed payments from day one. So when utility company electric costs rise and spike, you can keep payments low and streamlined with reliable, renewable solar energy that you produce onsite!
  • 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
    Homeowners who invest in a solar installation on their roof enjoy a 26% Investment Tax Credit from the federal government. This cashback incentive from the government is designed to lower the loan payment, making solar more affordable and accessible for everyone. However, this will be going away in 2023!
  • Net metering credits (available in most states) offset electricity costs
    Turn your home into a green, power-producing machine when you generate more energy than your home uses. Net metering programs are available to help you cash in on any unused power that your solar panels create, which can be credited to your electricity bill.
  • Cash in on Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs)
    Your home’s solar roof can help you earn more cash with TRECs vouchers, which are awarded for being renewable with green energy! Utility companies will buy your TRECs as you continue to produce green energy with your solar panels. We can help you learn how to sell your certificates and start earning!
  • Increases home value with a long-term investment
    Investing in energy efficiency is a top way to increase home value. So just as a kitchen remodel or landscape installation can enhance your home’s worth, solar panel installations significantly promote long-term savings by improving resale value. Also, did you know that solar panels don’t increase your property taxes like most other home improvement installations?
  • Works in any weather (helps during outages)
    No matter the season—and even in cloudy weather, the sun’s rays can still reach the solar panels on your roof to effectively produce electricity to power your home and electronics for years to come! Additionally, you can choose to purchase an upgrade with backup batteries that allow you to store energy onsite so you can generate power during outages and blackouts.

Benefits for the Environment

  • Doesn’t produce air pollution
    Processing fossil fuels to create traditional electric energy generates harmful carbon dioxide and methane gases, which negatively impact our air quality and speed up climate change. Luckily, these toxic gases that enhance the greenhouse effect and warm up the Earth faster are not emitted during solar energy production. While some emissions are created during solar panel manufacturing, the clean, renewable energy production process offsets this amount.
  • Lessens dependence on natural resources
    While traditional energy production relies heavily on limited, costly, and natural resources like coals, oil, and water, while also harming the air quality, solar energy is limitless, available, clean, and free! There is no limit to the amount of power we can harness from the sun, which we store, save, and use to power everything without taking from the environment.
  • Reduces carbon footprint around the globe
    Investing in a renewable energy source sustainably reduces your household’s carbon footprint because solar power doesn’t use natural resources like water or coal, so production doesn’t hurt the environment. When you create your own clean energy for your family, you reduce additional carbon dioxide emitting energy production on your behalf.
  • Decreases dependence on foreign fossil fuels
    Solar power is an entirely renewable, constant resource: If we captured all the sun’s rays for one hour, we could power the world for a year! Using the sun for clean energy reduces our need for finite, expensive fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment and expensive to refine, making life easier at home and abroad.
  • Lessens water usage & pollution
    Clean water is a precious natural resource that continues to decrease on Earth, one of the driest planets in the solar system. Traditional electricity production costs thousands of liters of water yearly, which is polluted during the fuel refinement process. Luckily, solar production uses little to no water and relies solely upon the sun to power panels to produce clean energy—saving tons of water yearly.
  • Enhances entire communities
    Solar energy heavily benefits families in which people utilize it and can help spread sustainability amongst friends, neighbors, and envious onlookers eager to be involved with a highly trending, eco-friendly movement. Solar is available in community projects to power multiple homes and multi-family complexes from one site to reduce costs and improve air quality.

Experience the Advantages; Get Started With Solar Today

From reducing electric bills and greenhouse gases to saving water and improving air quality, there are endless reasons to get started with solar immediately!

With EMT Solar & Roofing, you get a trusted and experienced installer ready to help you enjoy the unlimited benefits of this fantastic renewable energy source from start to finish. Get started with a free quote and contact us to schedule a video or in-person consultation to learn how you can benefit from solar panels!

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