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Do Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty: More Good News for Renewable Energy


Solar panels are a critical part of the renewable energy revolution. Today, 8% of US homeowners have installed solar panels. More Americans than ever are actively considering the benefits of solar energy.


According to one study, 67% of homeowners were interested in installing solar panels. But this isn’t a DIY job you can perform over one weekend. Modern solar systems are highly technical and require professional expertise.

In particular, one question people have is, “Does installing solar panels void a roof warranty?” This guide will address this issue to help you plan for a greener future.

Solar vs. Roofing Warranty: What’s the Difference?

Do solar companies replace or void a roof warranty? Generally, if your solar panels are installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, your solar panels should have no impact on your existing roof warranty.


However, both your roof and solar panels will come with separate warranties. Here’s a breakdown of how both types of contracts work.


Solar Warranties

All solar panel installations will come with multiple warranties. So, if you’re worried about voiding roof replacement with solar panels, you shouldn’t.


So, every solar installation will come with three warranties:


  • Product Warranty – Your product warranty covers any defects with the panels and the inverters. Every manufacturer will have different conditions, but most inverters will have 10-12 years, with the panels having more extended warranties.
  • Power/Performance Warranty – This warranty covers your energy production. Typically, these warranties last 10 years, guaranteeing a minimum of 90% of the predicted energy output. Why 10 years and 90%? Solar panel performance degrades by an estimated 0.5-1% per year.
  • Workmanship Guarantee – Professional installers also provide a guarantee of their work. This warranty covers you if the panels are installed incorrectly and need a rework.


Roofing Warranties

Your roof will also have a warranty every time you replace it. These warranties cover materials and labor.


  • Standard Warranty – Like solar panels, you have a warranty to cover the integrity of the materials. It won’t cover installation-related damage but will ensure your materials do the job for a certain period. The length of your standard warranty depends on the materials. For example, asphalt shingles receive 20-year warranties because these shingles have an estimated lifespan of 25-30 years.
  • Workmanship Warranty – Roofing contractors provide quality guarantees. These guarantees cover wear and tear and premature roofing failure due to improper installation.


Will Solar Panels Void My Roof Warranty?

You may wonder, “Do solar panels void a GAF roof warranty?” or “Will installing a solar system void a solar panel warranty insurance policy?”


In most cases, solar panels will not void your roof warranty. However, there are some scenarios whereby an installation could cause conflicts with your existing contract. That is why engaging with a professional who understands the subject is vital.


EMT Solar’s solar panels are designed to avoid voiding your roofing warranty. That can happen in two ways. Firstly, if you’re also replacing your roof, we will coordinate with your roofing contractor. Alternatively, you may receive a separate warranty covering the part of the roof we’ll be working on.


Regardless of the situation, we’ll work to ensure that your roofing warranty remains valid after installing solar panels.


What Voids a Solar Roof Warranty?

How can panels or solar shingles void a roof warranty? Does installing solar panels void a roof warranty in certain situations?

While most solar installations won’t impact your existing warranty, certain conditions can lead to problems if you need to make a claim later. So, what can void a roof repair with solar panels if you want to claim through your warranty?


Poor Installation

Do solar panels void a roof warranty if installed incorrectly?

Not following the manufacturer’s guidelines is the easiest way to negate your roof warranty. That is why we strongly advise against installing the solar system by yourself. 

Some of the most common mistakes amateurs make include:


  • Low-quality racking systems
  • Damaging roofing tiles while working
  • Using the wrong waterproof sealant


In other words, if your warranty provider believes a problem was caused while installing a residential solar energy system, there’s a high chance they’ll deny your claim.


Poor Roof Condition

Your roof must bear a heavy load. If your roof is already damaged, installing a solar system could worsen the problem. For example, if your asphalt shingles are damaged or the waterproof membrane has been compromised, further work could cause permanent damage.


It’s why when our contractors install new solar systems, they inspect the existing condition of your roof and make remedial repairs before installing solar panels.


Roofing Material

Most roofs can accommodate solar panels, but in some cases, your choice of roof material could make a standard installation incompatible.


Some materials are better suited to solar panels. For example, if you have cedar shake shingles, solar panel installation will likely cause them to break during the installation because of their fragility.


Do solar panels void roof warranty in these situations? Yes, if you try installing a solar panel anyway, this could be grounds for voiding your warranty.


Let the Experts at EMT Solar Handle Your Installation

Do solar panels void roof warranty policies? In short, no, but how and where you install them could cause issues. Generally, solar panels are best installed on newer roofs. Replace an older roof or consider solar shingles before opting for a full-scale solar system.


At EMT Solar, we can support you in reducing your carbon emissions and saving money on your energy bills, all while keeping your roof warranty in check. Contact EMT Solar to learn more about the benefits of solar or to schedule your consultation today.