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Solar power technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the last 50 years, which makes now the best time to go solar for your home, business or industry! Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and helps the environment, and those are just a few benefits of solar panels you will enjoy every year after making an investment. As part of the advantages of solar energy, you will heavily reduce your carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe and making a positive environmental impact. Stay ahead of the curve with the popular solar trend and save time and money with a team that makes it simple, EMT Solar & Roofing.

Our certified solar power experts will install, maintain and service the best quality solar panels for your property and help you understand the pros and cons of solar energy in your situation. You’ll start saving from day one with fixed payments and immediate energy that helps reduce the earth’s dependence on foreign oil, which is one of the main solar benefits that this technology can offer in the United States and worldwide.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels, a common sight on rooftops, roadside signs, and even in space, play an essential role in modern energy production. But what’s behind this remarkable technology? Let’s dive into the fascinating mechanics of how solar panels work.

Solar panels allow photons, the particles of light, to dislodge electrons from atoms, thus creating a flow of electricity. They are comprised of numerous small units known as photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for transforming sunlight into electrical energy. When many of these cells are linked, they form a complete solar panel.

Each photovoltaic cell is composed of two layers of semi-conducting material, usually silicon, a substance renowned in the realm of microelectronics.

For these cells to operate effectively, they must establish an electric field, much like how a magnetic field works. This is realized by differentiating opposite charges by “doping” silicon with particular materials, imparting a distinct positive or negative electrical charge to each layer. The top layer is treated with phosphorous, introducing extra negatively-charged electrons, while the bottom layer benefits from a boron addition, resulting in a positive charge. When a sun’s photon interacts with this setup, an electron is liberated. The electric field then drives this electron away from the silicon junction. Metal plates capture these free electrons, directing them into wires, producing an electric current similar to standard electrical flows.

Far from being a fleeting trend, solar panels symbolize a revolution in how humanity approaches energy consumption. Embrace the promise of solar energy, align with the technology of tomorrow, and join the movement toward a greener and more responsible world!

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Harness the power of the sun for your property and enjoy energy independence, fixed payments and more solar advantages. Between the lowered cost of electricity, current federal financial incentives and easy installation with EMT Solar & Roofing, it’s never been more simple to power your home and enjoy the full benefits of solar panels!

Affordable, Renewable

Electricity from solar power costs less over time than electricity produced from non-renewable resources.


Boost your home’s curb appeal & cut utility bills while becoming more sustainable with renewable energy!

Federal Tax Breaks

The federal government is giving a tax credit to homeowners that upgrade their homes to solar power. If you are weighing out solar power’s pros and cons, this tax break leans heavily in favor of solar energy.

Streamlined Budget

Solar energy means no more irregular (or catastrophic) bills by providing fixed payments with ownership.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Solar power adds to the diversity of energy resources for the grid to decrease our impact on the planet.

Increase Home Value

Solar energy is more than trending, it’s here to stay. Reduce your costs & add long-term benefits to your home. There are no disadvantages of solar energy that can outweigh the advantages!

Experience the Benefits of Solar Panels

Embracing solar energy is not merely a trend; it’s a transformative lifestyle change. The benefits of going solar in your home are profound. One might wonder, “How does solar energy reduce electricity bills?” Below, we delve into the critical aspects of solar energy, detailing its role in slashing your electricity expenses, significantly enhancing your quality of life, and positively impacting the environment.


Affordable, Renewable Energy

SAVE BIG WITH THE SUN! Solar energy is not only a renewable energy source that never depletes, but it’s also a cleaner alternative that reduces carbon emissions. Rooftop solar panels benefits include the fact that they use little to no water and don’t create greenhouse gases. You can reduce your electric bill with solar panels by up to 20% annually and experience incredible long-term savings. In fact, lifetime savings can equate to over $50,000, and the total cost of your solar panels can be paid back through savings to your electricity bill within 4 to 7 years. The best part? Solar power will never run out, generating enough energy in one hour to power the whole planet for a year! So, why should we switch to solar energy? The answer lies in its abundant and renewable nature.

Federal Tax Breaks

CASH IN ON CLEAN ENERGY! The financial benefits of solar energy can significantly impact your wallet. Federal-level incentives, such as a 22% tax credit on solar system installation costs, make solar power financially appealing. You’ll also get paid for the excess energy you export back to the electricity grid through feed-in tariffs. These financial benefits further encourage the shift to clean energy. Government and state rebates can even cut the price of residential photovoltaic systems by over 50%, adding to the advantages of solar panels on home rooftops.

Lower Carbon Footprint

PROTECT THE PLANET! Solar energy dramatically contributes to lowering your carbon footprint. A 6.6kW solar system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 250 tonnes in its lifetime. Solar energy has offset over 73 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in the United States alone, equivalent to planting nearly 1.2 billion trees!


GREEN LIVING AT ITS BEST! Solar panels generate clean, renewable energy, significantly reducing air pollution and promoting better public health outcomes. There are no pollutants associated with solar power generation. Unlike conventional power plants, it also requires very little water to manufacture and operate. Choosing solar energy promotes a sustainable lifestyle that benefits the entire planet.

Streamlined Budget

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES! Solar panels allow for fixed payments and greater control over monthly expenses. Solar systems are known for their low maintenance requirements, and the only additional cost you may incur might be replacing the inverter after 10-15 years. You can even produce excess power to be sold back to the utility, offering significant savings and financial peace of mind.

Increase Home Value

INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE! Solar panels are a wise financial investment, potentially increasing the resale value of a home by up to $15,000 compared to properties without them. Homes with solar panels are inherently more valuable, reflecting the savings on electricity bills and potential earnings from selling power back to the utility.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Installing solar systems are straightforward and require minimal upkeep. Solar panels will last 25 years or more; the best ones even come with a 25-year product warranty. Their resilience and efficiency make them an excellent energy solution, easy to get your money’s worth.

By embracing solar energy, you adopt an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and forward-thinking solution. Solar panels offer a myriad of benefits beyond being trendy, from reducing bills to increasing home value and federal tax breaks to low maintenance costs. They represent a revolution in energy consumption and a step towards a sustainable future. Solar energy’s many applications, constant technological improvement, and financial incentives make it an increasingly attractive option. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the solar revolution! Invest in solar energy today, and experience the many benefits they can introduce to your life.

detailed Solar

Installation Process

Our solar power technicians plan, install, and maintain arrays of solar panels at industrial, commercial, and residential sites in NJ and PA. Often working overhead, they are responsible for safely erecting frames to hold panel arrays, and then wiring in the panel output to building systems or to the main electrical grid. When comparing solar energy pros and cons, one of the biggest differentiating factors is using reliable companies that can help you improve energy efficiency and provide you with a good experience.

Consultation & Design
Initial consultation takes approx. 30 minutes

Once this information has been gathered, our design team will complete a preliminary design in live time. Our consultants will learn your financial goals and present to you the best fit of all our financing options based on the solar energy advantages and disadvantages in your situation. We work with nationwide financial institutions to provide a variety of banking products to meet your needs and ensure you enjoy the full range of solar panel benefits.

Engineering, Permitting, Interconnection
The next step takes 3-6 weeks

Our in-house engineer finalizes all electrical and building plans for submission to the local municipality/townships. We must also submit an interconnection request to your current utility company. While you will be producing your own electricity, all homes are still connected to the grid. During this time frame, we are waiting on the utility and municipality for review and approval of the project.

One-Day Solar Module Installation
On average a system installation will take less than one day!

On the day of installation, our experienced New Jersey solar installers arrive on site and get to work.

Final Inspections
Inspections are typically scheduled 1-3 weeks after installation

Townships must inspect all installations to confirm what is installed matches approved designs and meets all building, electrical, zoning and fire codes. This varies from township to township. Sometimes revisions are required during installation that also need approval.

Permission To Operate (PTO)
Your solar system is typically ready to turn on in 2-4 weeks after inspection approval, allowing you to start enjoying all the benefits of solar panels available today.

Once your township or municipality inspects and approves your installation, we submit for final interconnection approval (PTO) with your utility company. This review process varies by utility, and EMT Solar & Roofing will activate your system once the utility company lets us know it's ready to turn on.

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