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Cut electricity costs for your household through a simple, innovative installation from the right solar & roofing expert!


Solar power technology has advanced rapidly over the last 50 years, which makes now a smart time to talk about a solar panel installation in New Jersey for your home.

Whether you want to install a new solar panel system or add panels to your current system, it’s a simple process when you work with the right professional. Certain installation aspects make it easier to enlist a certified and experienced professional to help with the complete customization of solar to your roof, electrical wiring, inspection documentation, applications, and more.

Between the lowered cost of electricity, federal and state financial incentives, and environmental benefits, it’s a popular move to update your roof with complete solar installation from system design to connection in as little as 3 months!

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about installing a solar panel system on your roof, so you can get started going solar and experience the numerous advantages of this sustainable home upgrade.


Why Install a Solar Roof?

  • Lower electric bills – Less cost over time than other electrical sources
  • Earth-friendly – Decreases environmental impact & oil usage
  • Streamline budget – Fixed payments & ownership from day one
  • Tax breaks – Get paid to go solar with federal tax credits for homeowners
  • Increase home value – Adding a solar system is similar to updating your kitchen for resale value except solar is exempt from sales and property taxes


Guiding Your Solar Setup

Before you get started with your solar installation, you may have some questions. To help you along the way and get the most value out of your new solar system, EMT Solar & Roofing professionals can help you answer the following questions to help prepare you for your solar journey:

  • How much do you spend on electricity now, and how much will you save?
  • Does your property get enough sunlight, and how much power will you generate?
  • Do you want to buy outright, lease, or finance your solar panel system?
  • Is your roof suitable for solar, and how big of a system will you need?
  • What federal and state tax incentives and rebates can you take advantage of?

We also continue to update our FAQs to help you understand the additional advantages and important facts to know about solar installation.


Expert Solar Installation Process

Our certified solar power experts at EMT Solar & Roofing will install, maintain, and service the best quality panels with wiring and electrical grid services to complete installation. Here’s what you need to know about the installation process:


Consultation & Design

A consultation can occur through video or onsite and usually takes just 30 minutes for us to evaluate your roof and solar needs. Once we evaluate, our design team will complete a preliminary design in live time. Our consultants learn your financial goals and present to you the best fit of all our solar financing options. We work with nationwide financial institutions to provide a variety of banking products to meet your needs.


Engineering, Permitting, & Interconnection

Next, our expert, in-house engineer finalizes all electrical and building plans for submission to the local municipality or township. Since your home’s solar energy system will be on the grid, we will submit an interconnection agreement request to your current utility company to complete the connection. During this time, we wait on the utility and municipality parties to review and approve your solar project; this step typically takes about 3 – 6 weeks total.


1-Day Solar Module Installation

On the day of your scheduled solar system installation, our experienced crew arrives at your home to get to work, ensuring all proper safety and protective protocols for your property. Most installations are completed in just 1 day.


Final Inspections

A required zoning inspection is scheduled 1 – 3 weeks after installation. Townships must inspect all solar installations to confirm the project results match the approved designs and meet all building, electrical, zoning, and fire codes. We will handle helping you schedule everything—even when revisions are required during installation that needs additional approval.


Permission To Operate (PTO) 

Your new solar panel system is typically ready to turn on 2 – 4 weeks after inspection approval. Once your township or municipality inspects and approves your installation, we apply for final interconnection approval (PTO) with your utility company. This review process varies by utility, and EMT Solar & Roofing will activate your system once the utility company lets us know it’s ready to turn on.


Post-Maintenance & Inspections

Since solar panels are low-maintenance and rarely (if ever) require cleaning or repairs, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying sustainable living with your at-home, green solar energy production! We suggest contacting us for a 5-year inspection to make sure all internal and external components are in order and working optimally.


Start Saving With a Solar Roof Installation

Luckily, the entire installation process is simple with a professional, so you can save from day one with EMT Solar & Roofing. We’ll help you experience the economic and environmental advantages of solar energy with a complete installation for your roof from start to finish.


Elevate your roof and lifestyle with a green, energy-producing system on your roof! Schedule a free quote today, and ask about a virtual or in-person site consultation for your home!